Jul 5, 2022

Two New Factors to Consider in Your Job Search

The employment market for Otolaryngologists has never been better. That’s good. But there are some things to consider that have been less important in previous years. 

The package, future opportunity, and practice location remain prime considerations as you look toward your next position. Still, it’s important to factor in two considerations job seekers have not had to consider before.

1) How did the practice weather Covid-19? 

Many practices did just fine financially and remain on solid ground thanks to the PPP loans, but the pandemic has made some changes that are likely to have longstanding effects. How did Covid-19 change the way the practice operates? What will be the attitude toward PPE moving forward? What are the plans to normalize operations? Consider how these changes in your operations meet with your preferred style. 

2) How has the housing market changed in the area?

Historic housing prices are meaningless in most markets as demand far exceeds supply. On average, many markets saw and are still seeing double-digit housing price increases. Bidding wars are routine. In some markets, even rentals are hard to find. That being said, some areas have been more resilient to these changes than others. Do your research and consider the long-term financial implications of living in a new area before signing on to a new position.

If you are looking for a position or considering a change, talk to ETS. We take the guesswork out of the process. We work with you to identify and differentiate the best job opportunities with your preferences in mind. Our recruiters work on your behalf compassionately, competently, and confidentially with the backup of a support team and decades of experience. There is never a cost to the candidate, so contact us today!


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