The Contract Series: Part 3 – Before You Sign

You’ve interviewed. You’ve negotiated. You’re ready to sign. Almost. There are still a few details to confirm. 

The first, and perhaps most obvious, step you should take it to review the agreement one final time in its entirety. This is an important document, and you need to find a time where you can focus on it alone without phones and interruptions. Create a focus space that allows you to be free of distractions and catch minor details you might have missed initially.  

  1. Be sure that all changes from the negotiation have been added. If something was missed, you might need to circle back and get a revised document. 
  2. Have a trusted, detail-oriented friend, colleague, or family member read over the document. Have them go over it with fresh eyes and ask questions. 
  3. We recommend you have a lawyer examine any legal agreements. You should select a lawyer with both a medical focus and an employment background. The lawyer’s job is to go over the contract carefully and point out any possible risk. In many cases, these may be risks or exposures you understand and are willing to assume, but you need to understand them before making the agreement. While it might be uncomfortable to find a problem area in a contract after it has been negotiated, it is much better than dealing with it down the road. 

If everything is in order, take a deep breath, sign, and get ready for a successful next chapter of your career.  It is always a good idea to retain both a physical and digital copy of your contract. 

At ETS, we help professionals start the next chapter of their careers every day. If it’s time to move up, contact us and put our experience to work for you. 


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