Lisa Garst

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Joined 2023

Lisa Garst

Social Media Manager

As Social Media Manager, I use my expertise in marketing to support Account Executives in making successful placements nationwide. My background in marketing and advertising ranges from retail copywriting to serving as marketing director for a US Army post to launching tech start-ups. I brought these skills to my husband’s Automation and Controls business, and together, we grew the company to have a national presence before selling it to a Fortune 500 company in 2018. Next, we took on the challenge of a historic renovation project, bringing back a country store to an underserved neighborhood.

Originally from Covington, Virginia and a graduate of Mary Baldwin University, I believe in the importance of community service. After serving two terms on Salem City Council and as President of the Salem Rotary Club, I currently serve on multiple boards and committees. Alongside my husband and daughter, I share my life with two lovable black Labradors, who I try to make Instagram famous as @Lab_Brothers.