Recruiter on a call with a Candidate

Reasons to Use a Recruiter in a Candidate-Driven Market

We’ll be the first to admit it’s currently a hot employment market, with demand for qualified associates at unprecedented levels…

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Checklist Two Factors

Two New Factors to Consider in Your Job Search

The employment market for Otolaryngologists has never been better. That’s good. But there are some things to consider that have…

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Broken Heart

The One That Got Away

You thought your staffing issue was solved. You felt you had the right fit, you were confident the job offer…

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Mentor Icon

Otolaryngologists: Tips for Successful Mentoring

Being a mentor has many rewards, but like every other skill you have achieved in your career, it requires attention,…

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Signing Contract

The Contract Series: Part 3 – Before You Sign

You’ve interviewed. You’ve negotiated. You’re ready to sign. Almost. There are still a few details to confirm.  The first, and…

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Contract Review

The Contract Series: Part 2 – Reviewing the Terms

You’ve been offered a contract. In many cases, the initial contract is a standard document with some wiggle room. Remember,…

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