Aug 22, 2022

How to Set Yourself Apart from Other Candidates During the Interview

The increased demand for Otolaryngologists in today’s job market means you may very likely have multiple offers on the table. Conversely, most practices look at multiple candidates because they are unsure their top pick will accept their offer.

In reality, you’re probably already leaning toward one of those opportunities right now. This is why it’s essential to find ways to set yourself apart during the interview process. While the things on your CV matter, your communication skills can be what puts you in front of other qualified candidates and could very well be the determining factor in whether or not a practice chooses you as their next team member. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you interview:

1) Research the practice and surrounding community ahead of time.

Ask questions about things that interest you. This illustrates you aren’t just job hunting but are sincerely focused on this opportunity as a long-term life decision.

2) Stay away from generic answers to questions.

Be specific and expand on your thoughts.

3) Communicate and clarify your treatment philosophy and long-term goals.

Without seeming overly pushy, provide clarity in your job expectations, your aspirations, and the things you value both professionally and personally.

4) Be confident.

They choose to interview you, so there is something about you they already like.

5) Let your enthusiasm for the position and the practice show.

This manifests itself in different ways. Some people are sincere; others are enthusiastic. Just be yourself!

While it’s good to stand out, don’t do things out of character…there’s no need to wear a bow tie unless you usually wear a bow tie.

If you’d like more resources to help you prepare for your interview or to help you find that perfect next position, contact us today. We talk to ENT’s every day and could have the ideal opportunity for you!


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