Jul 25, 2022

How to Handle Negative Patient Reviews

Bad reviews are a part of the landscape in a digitally connected world, but they can hurt your practice and your ability to attract employees. What do you do if you get a bad review?

First, determine the validity of the review. False or deceptive reviews can often be removed. Sometimes patients get mixed up and post negative reviews on the wrong page or for the wrong practice entirely.

If you have determined the negative review is legitimate, consider taking the following steps:

1) Respond immediately and thoughtfully.

Tailor each response to the review.

2) Be respectful and open.

Be appreciative of the reviewer taking the time to reach out to you. Your review page is no place to get into an argument that can quickly escalate.

3) If possible, take the conversation offline.

This may be an opportunity to have a positive and constructive dialogue. Always follow up with negative reviewers.

4) Take appropriate action.

If you uncover a deficiency in your practice, let the customer know and address it immediately.

5) Follow up with negative reviewers and see if their situation was remedied.

If it has been, respectfully ask if they would take down the negative review.

Even the best practices sometimes receive negative reviews. Sometimes it’s unrealistic expectations on the patient’s part; sometimes one of your associates just may have had a bad day.
The best way to combat negative reviews is to focus on getting positive ones. Ask patients to leave reviews and make it easy for them by creating a “leave a review” button on your website.

If you’ve reviewed your practice and found it’s time to add another associate, reach out to us. We talk to ideal candidates every day. Your next brilliant hire may be waiting for you.


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