How to Handle Negative Patient Reviews

One Star Review

Bad reviews are a part of the landscape in a digitally connected world, but they can hurt your practice and your ability to attract employees. What do you do if you get a bad review? First, determine the validity of the review. False or deceptive reviews can often be removed. Sometimes patients get mixed up…

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Beyond the Salary – Intangible Benefits for Otolaryngologists to Consider

Benefits Checkist

When looking at changing practices, financial compensation is often one of the first things to be compared. It’s easy and quantifiable.  As you evaluate and compare different opportunities, though, it’s helpful to look beyond the compensation package to see how the less tangible benefits fit into your goals. While many of these benefits are often…

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Reasons to Use a Recruiter in a Candidate-Driven Market

Recruiter on a call with a Candidate

We’ll be the first to admit it’s currently a hot employment market, with demand for qualified associates at unprecedented levels all across the country. If you’re an Otolaryngologist looking for a new opportunity, you can quite likely find a job without the help of one of our recruiters. But the overheated employment market is one…

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Two New Factors to Consider in Your Job Search

Checklist Two Factors

The employment market for Otolaryngologists has never been better. That’s good. But there are some things to consider that have been less important in previous years.  The package, future opportunity, and practice location remain prime considerations as you look toward your next position. Still, it’s important to factor in two considerations job seekers have not…

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